ElectronicsAuckland Members will be attending Universities collaboration show case

High Tech networking event

Sir Ray Avery. New Zealander of the Year 2010 and CEO of Medicine Mondiale will be guest speaker.

NZ industry has an active relationship with universities at many levels, and this event. High Tech R & D helps to bring together the parties to engage and collaborate.

Seven universities showcasing their leading edge innovations and services in:

– Design
– Rapid Product Development
– Sensing, Control & Automation
– Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
– Technology & Innovation Management
– Electrical & Electronic Engineering
– Radio Astronomy and the SKA
– Sports and exercise science
– Digital Content

Potential opportunities and collaborations – Networking and one-on-one discussions with NZ’s top research talent.
What could your organisation achieve through partnering with New Zealand’s top researchers? Come and find out.

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Wednesday 9th February 2011, 5.30-8pm
AUT Conference Facility, 55 Wellesley St. East

Auckland ICT (now branded as HiTech Auckland members are strongly encouraged to particiapte in this event.

A project sponsored by the Tertiary Education Commission | Parking available – charge applies

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, President Auckland ICT,

Senztek plays important role at Smart Electricity World New Zealand

Auckland member Senztek is a sponsor and exhibitor at the Smart Electricity World New Zealand  conference and we will show casing our Energy Demand Solution.

Please find following is the link to the free 1 day seminar.

Smart Electricity World New Zealand is the country’s leading energy
meeting place will feature an exhibition showcase area with Free on-
floor technical seminars.

Led by industry experts on Thursday, 24 February 2011, the seminars
will cover technical issues on:
•       Smart Grid
•       Home area networking
•       Cloud technologies
•       Effective energy management
•       DSM
•       Data analytics
If you are an Engineering manager, Network manager, Project manager,
Safety officer/manager, in Policy & compliance, Fabrication, Network
performance, Metering, Field operations, Energy efficiency, Demand
manager or  Planning manager/engineer this is the event for you

FREE onfloor technical seminars and exhibition entry

We are open for business!

Thanks for visiting this website during your hectic day. We live in one of the most fortunate and idyllic countries in the world to create innovation and to work. Our remoteness from the trouble spots around the world actually means we can dream and plan hi-tech innovation without worrying about foreign industrial espionage, bomb blasts down the road, armies sitting on our door step or mass riots about to close us down.

New Zealand is the dream location for many to move to and set up business. Registering up a business is as about complicated as buying your groceries online. Many companies in NZ punch well above their weight on the international scene. We are a country that for over a 100 years relied on shipping routes to England, Americas and Asia to survive.

Today we are world leaders in many sectors such as forestry, milk and dairy, tourism destination and in a lesser way high technology. The diversity in NZ ranges from GPS chips, specialist manufacturing, aluminium casting for wheels in the USA market, model making and set construction for such films as the Lord of the Rings, King Kong. A NZ flower grower was responsible for all the flowers used in US President Barack Osama’s inauguration. The range is widely diverse and almost fair to say in every sector, though we don’t build submarines we build the best super yachts in the world and we even have our own fledging rocket industry. We make robots that fly and robots that can turn a cripple into 6 Million dollar man. 3D interactive stamps for British Post are developed and designed in NZ as are all the road maps for Australia.

The list is almost endless, but I think you get the idea.

Welcome to the Land of the Long White Cloud.
where dreams and innovation come alive and customers from around the world seek Kiwi technology to solve their problems.