Senztek is about “smart energy management”

Senztek provides smart technology for the heating and maintenance of stored hot water – primarily electric and solar thermal – but expanding rapidly to use other technologies; moving from “intelligent measurement technology” to “smart energy management”.

The company has ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.

Senztek designs, develops and manufactures quality industrial instrumentation and hot water controllers.

Our range of hot water controllers – SolaStat and EcoStat range of controllers is sold to a network of New Zealand and Australian-based solar system sellers and installers.

The market for Senztek’s products is global.  Currently we have products being sold to Australia, Asia, South Africa, USA , UK, Canada and New Zealand

We strongly believe in partnership and collaboration to further enhance our growth.

We welcome you visit our website or email us sales (at)

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  1. hello i have a customer in wellington who has a solar stat model 279 dfm system and after testing found that both hot and cold sensors have gone can you still get them


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