ICE AV Technology Ltd

ICE AV Technology Ltd is active in the sphere of digital display, interactive and simulation technologies. The company has a number of brands that it markets its products and knowledge world wide under. These include ICE Screens, Digital Daytime, SimDeck, iQRite, HoloDesk. We utilise our own in-house manufacturing, OEM and representation to create unique diversity

We would like to welcome you and thanks for taking an interest in what we do.

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The HoloDesk – the innovative interactive DJ Desk that has created world wide interest from the DJ community. We aim to move dance floors around the world to our touch

SimDeck Simulators – SimDeck Simulators converges the high speed reality of racing with immersive simulation racing. We make grown men sweat in 15 minutes and ego’s can be bruised within 10.

iQRite – the innovative brand that creates the ability for interactive touch surfaces. Single, Dual and Multi Touch. We  create unique user interactive experiences. We look forward to you getting in touch … literally!

ICE AV – The ICE Screens are used for projection, LCD and LED. Our solutions can range from a waterproof hose down IP65 LCD screen to massive LED screen walls. Our most recent product is the revolutionary ICE Flexible LED Screens  – Fold – Roll – Hang. Digital display surfaces for indoors, in the rain, on the wall or on the floor.

Here we would like to profile the The HoloDesk.

HoloDesk is the latest generation of interactive technology that is hitting dance parties and clubs world-wide. Internationally renowed DJ, Deadmau5 knew he wanted to embrace the change. Belief in our concept, design and implementation rocked the audience in Earls Court, London last Saturday in the final Deadmau5 concert for 2010 as he performed Arguru.

Deadmau5 plays the HoloDesk for the first time in his final 2010 world tour concert in Earls Court London.

This photo can be purchased in a variety of sizes and finishes. Click here.

ICE AV Technology Ltd has licensed HoloDesk to integrate the touch technology it has been making available worldwide for some years. ICE AV is a hardware solutions developer, distributor and integrator and and through the agreement with HoloDesk is now bringing its considerable technology know how to the music entertainment industry.

The HoloDesk is the creation of New Zealand tech entrepreneur Kevin Andreassend who implemented the world’s largest interactive virtual DJ desk with one thing in mind, to bring the high tech touch and visual world to the DJ market on a scale never seen before. The HoloDesk is a virtual imaging touch dual imaging touch screen and is manufactured in a variety of sizes and options.

We knew we had a tiger by the tail from comments we started to receive from those in the know, who knew what we were developing. It was not long before the comments turned into inquiries from around the world from DJs wanting to know how they could get their hands on a HoloDesk.

The HoloDesk versions shipping today is only the start of the exciting development path we have for the HoloDesk as we bring a range of features and continued innovation to the surface.

Contact Details.
Managing Director – Kevin Andreassend
Telephone +64-9-414 2348
Cell Phone +64-27 647 2267
Email kevin(at)iceav . co . nz

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