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One of the world’s fast moving fields in engineering is Electronics. This is because it is almost impossible to find an industry or business that does not benefit in some way from electronic circuits. We are proud to be a part of this dynamic and challenging field.
General Dynamics is one of the most up-to-date electronic design companies in New Zealand. Our engineers consider it a high priority that they keep abreast of all the latest technologies. Applying these recent innovations to our designs is one of the keys to our success.”To be innovative and creative each and every day” is our passion.
We specialize in electronic design and development as well as in creating prototypes from ideas presented to us. Creating a final product that is robust and reliable is our goal.

If you are considering designing a circuit or a product with something electronic inside it, you are in the right place. We have the electronic expertise to assist you in any of the following areas:

In a world of increasing application notes and application-specific integrated circuits, pure analogue design is in short supply in many companies. At General Dynamics we have a good depth of analogue electronic design expertise in discrete analogue and high common mode, low noise, high impedance amplifiers. Also other configurations of integrators, differentiators, gyrators and the like. Added to this is a broad experience of PCB layout and wiring techniques.

Embedded Intelligence
Over the years we have used many embedded processors of 8 bit, 16 bit or 32 and 64 bit designs; typical devices may be 8051, ARM7, ARM9, Intel or Texas Instruments’ devices.
Often where extreme speed is required there is no better solution that pure logic. In this case we often use a programmable logic device, a CPLD for small tasks or  FPGA for larger ones. These days we can offer greater levels of integration by including the CPU inside the FPGA using a “soft core”. The end result is a single chip solution delivering lower cost, greater speed, smaller size and great flexibility. We specialise in designing FPGA solutions using a number of chips such as Altera, Actel and Atmel.

We provide software design for PC’s in C (+/++). Applications for the PC are numerous but could typically be: calibration, custom equipment control, interactive test environments, launch pads for applications, communication systems etc.
We design programmable logic for FPGA’s using Verilog and VHDL for extreme speed and parallel processing.
In designing hardware, we programme at machine-code level, using assembly language if speed or code efficiency is required. By fully understanding the requirements and by having control of both software and hardware, we offer a solution that is optimised for the scale of the production.

Power Supply and Motor Drives
Power supplies are great technology to design as they embrace so many of the disciplines, especially in these days of DSP controlled units with complex control algorithms and even spread spectrum EMC noise reduction. DSPs now have multiple micro precision PWM outputs for advanced control of many topologies of controller, whether it be 3phase inverters, quasi resonant phase shifted half bridge designs or simple chopper, forward or flyback topologies. Devices range from mW transistors through KW switching modules. Power technology is key to many electronic design projects and we have designed PSUs for many years and welcome your challenging requirements.

Control Theory, Mathematics and DSP Algorithms.
As DSPs become more powerful, yet low power and cost effective, it is realistic to achieve more within a small DSP device. We have a wide experience of integrating, differentiating, PID, PI loops and fuzzy logic style control loops. With experience of MATLAB and finite element electronics design analysis, we can create specialist routines for most applications. As an example, our GPS receiver design project required complex analysis and critical timing.

In 2004 we developed the first dual frequency (L1/L2), dual channel GPS receiver. Known as the Namuru GPS receiver, it is sold as a test, research and development platform with a royalty free source code license. This allows non-GPS engineers to quickly integrate the GPS function into a product without the huge task of developing a GPS receiver, or being forced into using a proprietary non-source code solution. Because the hard work has been done, it is much easier to use our largely FPGA based design and software. Our GPS receiver development continues and is now used all over the world by many end users in numerous products from multi-media to aerospace.

Namuru V2 GPS receiver

For more information about our products and services please visit or contact us at:

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