Electronic Partners



Company intro

At Electronic Partners, we provide specialist advice on electronic product development. Our team of hardware and embedded software engineers are keen to tackle your design challenges. We help you create or update your electronic product so you operate profitably in today’s competitive market. Exposure to a wide variety of industries means we think outside the box.

Design for Profit.

This is our unique method for increasing profit margins. We create products that are clever, cost-effective, reliable and easy to manufacture. In short, when you are looking for product development – we are truly the Electronic Partners of choice.


We are a team of 10 engineers with varying skillsets and experience that allows us to draw on a combined 100 years of commercial product development expertise in marine electronics, security, animal management, automotive, electronic vending and payment industries. We are specialists in LCD applications, embedded control products and small run manufacture.

Further info

Visit our website at www.elex.co.nz to see more details about our services and previous projects.
To discuss your needs, feel free to give us a call. We offer a one-hour free no obligation electronics consultation to discuss your requirements.

Kind regards,

Bram de Voogd

Managing Director.


Electronic Partners LtdLevel 1, Rawene Chambers

17 Rawene Rd



09 419 6474


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