Autogrow Systems Ltd

I would like to welcome you to this page.  My name is Jeff Broad, Managing Director of Autogrow.  We are recognised world wide as playing a crucial role in the production of the world’s food supply. Our specialist contribution is enabling you to manage your food production environment – specifically Greenhouses and field irrigation.

We are manufacturers specialising in the control of the greenhouse climate and irrigation where you can maximise all the elements to achieve the greatest possible crop production and highest quality – whether it is tomatoes in green houses or flowers in the ground.

The demand for food has now outstripped the world’s capability to supply, let alone at affordable prices. This is brought home in a stark way this week and is one of the underlying reasons that we are seeing tanks rolling through Cairo and the population protesting in the streets. During Jan 2011 the world leaders gathered in Davos where the main topic was the huge rise in food prices world wide. In the 3rd world, countries are undergoing massive price increases and this is occurring year-in-year-out due to drought, crop failure, poor management, inefficient use of land, water and fertiliser. Of course, from London to Auckland,  the western world is facing the same issues.

To add to these headaches massive floods in Australia covering vast areas of Queensland and Victoria, locust swarms in Africa, floods in Pakistan are just two areas in recent news that will affect food production. On this link you can see what the global effect of just floods is having on populations, farming areas. The sobering result, is that the rest of the world’s farming community needs to compensate for these lost production areas, by implementing new farming techniques, strategies, technologies to increase harvests, maximise ground usage and increase production.

Much of this can be achieved by using Autogrow systems.

By utilising Autogrow state of the art control systems we can make a significant contribution to your food or floral production and quality.

Please contact me so we can help you achieve an increased corn yield, larger berry crop and fatter tomatoes. Of course our solutions are not plant specific as it is about managing the environment and nutrients for increased planned results. Bon appetite!

For further information visit our company web site

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  1. Hi,
    Luv your products. Your ops manager is such a wonderful man.


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