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Actronic Ltd – the design and manufacturers of Loadrite
Actronic Technologies creates electronic measurement and control products and software – productivity solutions that endure and perform in some of the world’s most rugged environments. You’ll find our hydraulic weighing systems and specialised log-harvesting products in use throughout the Americas, Europe, Australasia and China.

Since 1979, Actronic has been designing, developing and manufacturing applied technology solutions to improve productivity in the aggregates, mining, waste management, forestry, and other industries.

Actronic branded solutions for productivity
Actronic is a leader in the field of measurement. Loadrite® load weighing technology and payload information systems are installed on wheel loaders, garbage trucks, forklifts and other heavy loading equipment to ensure optimal loads, and provide quality data for productivity analysis. Logrite allows foresters to maximise the yield from each tree by selecting optimal log sizes.

We have an extensive network of distributors, with the best service and support in the industry. We run a true distribution model, where our distributors sell the product, install the product onsite, train the customer how to use the product and offer full ongoing service and support of our systems.

Our international distribution is also supported through our association with companies such as Mettler Toledo and John Deere.

45 Patiki Rd Avondale
Auckland 1026
New Zealand

PO Box 19623
Auckland 1746
New Zealand

Tel: +64 (9) 820 7720
Facsimile: +64 (9) 820 7721

Email:info at

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