We would like to introduce the range of companies that are members in ElectronicsAuckland. Each company offers a unique service or product involving the manufacturing, design, integration or use of electronics. They share a common vision to be innovative and to collaborate.

Please browse through each members profile listed to the left hand side.  The profiles ink to the individual company websites and other web links that might be of interest.

Many of the companies are based in the hi-tech industrial area of Auckland, called North Shore.

Actronic Ltd – Design and Manufacture of Loadrite scales
Agenta Technologies Ltd – Design and Systems Integration
Autogrow Systems Ltd – Greenhouse Climate and Irrigation Management Systems
BEP Marine Ltd
Business to Markets Ltd – coaching, facilitation and strategy for hi-tech exporters
CleanFlow Systems Ltd
Compac Sorting Equipment Ltd
Compuspec –
Define Instruments Ltd – Developers & Manufacturers of Control Instruments
ecentre – taking companies from garage to global
Electronic Partners
Fero Ltd – Electronics – Wire – Technology
General Dynamics Corporation Ltd – Electronic Design & Development
ICE AV Technology Ltd – Interactive, Display and Simulation
Oram Embedded Technology Ltd  – Embedded Systems and Real-time Software Design
PowerShield – Protecting your power supply
QuickCircuit Ltd – Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Senztek Holdoings Ltd – Smart Energy Management

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