We are a group of Auckland, New Zealand based Hi-Tech companies active within NZ and internationally creating innovation for the world market in a diverse range of industry sectors requiring various electronic systems or solutions (this phrase is used in the wider sense on the word).

These range from control systems to manage growing environments, prison utilities, interactive surfaces, international trade marketing, wiring harnesses solutions, embedded systems, custom electronics, marine electronics and control to name a few of the exciting areas that we are active in.

The members seek to work collaboratively with each other, share information, friendship, offer support. Our primary focus is to grow our businesses through innovation, co-operation and knowledge. We meet each month for breakfast where we address current issues and interests.

The group is a registered interest group of the well known AucklandICT association. Many of the participants of the group engage in the AucklandICT activities held once a month at various venues around Auckland to hear dynamic speakers and a forum for connecting with collaborators, clients and others.

The group is keen to engage with Hi Tech business owners visiting New Zealand for business opportunities.

To join  the ElectronicsAuckland group is by invitation only and requires a small annual fee.  Please refer to the tab Join where we share more details about this aspect.

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