Global Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Ken Morse brings a powerful new workshop to New Zealand – Global sales strategies for entrepreneurs.

Ken teaches sales techniques that will become the foundation of your company’s profitability. Learn the secrets of forming strategic customer relationships that deliver outstanding sales!

Global Sales Strategies

Global sales strategies for entrepreneurs – a 2-day workshop for CEOs and top salespeople, to be held in Auckland (2 & 3 May) and Christchurch (5 & 6 May).

Ken’s guarantee to CEOs and sales executives who attend this workshop:

  • your sales will increase
  • your sales cycle will become shorter
  • your sales pipeline will become more dependable
  • your repeat business will increase and grow

Ken Morse is a leader in the field of innovation and global sales. Ken founded 5 highly successful high-tech companies and was managing director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center Massachusetts. He is a Board member of venture capital and technology firms in several countries and is a member of President Obama’s Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Global sales strategies for entrepreneurs course outline

In this workshop participants learn how to get a laser focus on customer value, how to prepare a compelling elevator pitch that hits the key points in seconds, and how to close the deal. Learn how to align everyone in your company to create a totally sales-focused culture, and form customer relationships that bring competitive advantage.
Key learnings –

  • Business plans that raise money
  • Quantifying the customer’s needs
  • Communicating a value proposition to meet those needs
  • Closing the deal
  • Creating a sales-focused culture

“This workshop is outstanding – participants came away with a deep understanding of how to communicate value in the selling situation and successfully close the deal” – Sir Ken Stevens, Chairman & MD  Glidepath.

This is an outstanding course which challenges your assumptions and gives you some practical tools that you can apply right away.” Simon Fawkes, Business to Markets Ltd.

Get more information or register at The deadline is 27 April 2011.

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