Electronics cluster thriving

Despite the current global economic climate and recent trend of shifting manufacturing offshore, these companies, members of ElectronicsAuckland,  are innovating and growing exports from a New Zealand production base. Examples are:

Cleanflow Systems has recently merged with a US company, and competitor in the large pipe inspection industry, Redzone Robotics. As part of this merger a $US 25 million investment was made by ABS Capital Partners Inc., a leading growth equity investor. With an increased US-based sales force, Cleanflow Systems has invested more in research and development and expanded manufacturing including outsourcing to members of the cluster.

PowerShield is successful with its innovative battery monitoring product in major data centres in North America and Europe. In North America the Powershield system is being installed in one major data centre with over 4,000 batteries and 6 other medium to large data centres and in Europe installations are underway for an international bank with over 4,000 batteries. Another cluster member has been assisting with new product development.

Define Instruments now has distributors in South Africa and is looking at opening a branch in Johannesburg. The Define Instruments simple and easy to use transmitters and wireless devices have enabled it to increase exports tremendously to Australia and South Africa. They have grown this year by 45% and employed 6 new people. Of particular value in this expansion has been the exchanging of international electronics market information with another cluster member.

Compac Sorting Equipment successfully tendered for a $US15m contract against strong competition to design and develop a Hi Tech sorting and packing line for the world’s largest citrus company. Compac will be building a sorting machine the length of a rugby field that will sort approximately 2.7 million mandarins an hour and will run 20 hours a day during the citrus packing season.  Compac is hiring more staff such as project managers, designers and assembly staff to provide extra capabilities and capacity.

Autogrow Systems won the ANZ exporter award in the Business.govt.nz Flying Start competition and is using the prize to fund a trip to China for the official opening of a large new farm using Autogrow Systems horticultural automation equipment. Revenue is forecast to rise dramatically over the coming years with a new product range including a revolutionary greenhouse control system and new distributors.  Autogrow Systems collaborates with other cluster companies in marketing, governance and technical areas.

Senztek, who manufacture energy management and control technologies, has tripled the number of customers to whom it sells over the past 12 months and has entered into two potentially large OEM deals including a global opportunity. Senztek has just released a new range of innovative solar differential controllers to be known as the SolaSmart. Senztek has successfully engaged with several cluster members in technical and market development projects.

QuickCircuit offers component sourcing and procurement, design for manufacture, electronic board manufacturing and product final assembly and testing. QuickCircuit has experienced excellent growth and will be adding another 20 staff before April 2012.  QuickCircuit’s customers include several high profile companies, as well as many start-up and emerging companies that have innovative ideas and products. It has engaged strongly with other cluster members to improve product development and to provide quality control and testing services.

Fero is an integrated electronic and wire technology company that provides services for electronic manufacturers. Fero has collaborated with many of the cluster companies to enable new product development and manufacturing including projects to develop a microbrewery and a research submarine.  As a result of the cluster the CEO of Fero has joined the Advisory Board of another cluster company.

ICE AV Technology designed and manufactured the DJ multi touch mixing and control surface for the international live performance DJ market. The system became world famous overnight when used in a concert in Earls Court, London with a huge 74 inch touchscreen. Building on this success the Holo-Info-Desk has now been developed for companies to use at trade fairs and was used by ElectronicsAuckland members to provide an interactive display of electronics capability at the technology showcase held in The Cloud during Rugby World Cup 2011.

Actronic Technologies creates electronic measurement and control products and software – productivity solutions that endure and perform in some of the world’s most rugged environments. Their hydraulic weighing systems, conveyor belt scales, and specialised log-harvesting products are in use throughout the Americas, Europe, Australasia and China.  Actronic has grown in all markets this year and has been busy adding staff and collaborating with other cluster members to meet this demand.

Autogrow Systems has an excellent year

The 2011 year has been very positive for Autogrow.

1) Won the ANZ exporter award which was part of the Business.govt.nz flying start competition. The prize is being used to fund a trip to China for the official opening of a new large farm using our equipment.
2) Obtained a sizeable R&D grant from MSI to assist with the completion of our revolutionary greenhouse control system
3) Have achieved local government endorsement for our products in two states within China. This allows farmers to apply for a significant government subsidies to promote the adoption of modern technology.
4) Appointed distributors for China and Turkey
5) Obtained an undergraduate Internship grant from MSI for the development of a new product.

Autogrow focuses on providing a reliable product with high functionality and ease of use. This strategy is obviously working and building our reputation and brand. One of our overseas distributors who had previously expressed interest in re-branding our product now tell us that the Autogrow brand is so well regarded that they no longer wish to change.

We expect revenue to rise dramatically over the coming years with our new product range and new distributors. Look for the full Autogrow story here.

AucklandICT promotes its members on the HoloDesk

AucklandICT, an Auckland based industry organisation takes advantage of the Holo-Info-Desk to promote its members at the Rutherford Forum industry conferences in September.

Holo-Info-Desk Multi Touch Information Surface

The Rutherford Forum activities are part of the Rugby World Cup related activities to promote NZ business and innovation. http://rutherfordinnovationshowcase.co.nz

AucklandICT is an industry organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. Members come from a range of industry sectors that serve requirements both locally and international that are predominately in ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) Each month the organisation meets to listen to a key note speaker, share success updates, networking and more recently have begun to actively utilise social media and online platforms. Within AucklandICT there is the Electronics Interest Group (ETG) AucklandICT that meets once a month over breakfast to discuss projects, topics of interest, training. Contact events@aucklandict.org.nz @aucklandict http://www.aucklandict.org.nz

NZ2011 Business Club

Make great connections during RWC2011

RWC2011 Business Matching

The NZ 2011 Business Club is working with local and international business people to get them together during Rugby World Cup 2011. The first invitations have been sent out, but it is not too late to get involved.

Join the NZ 2011 Business Club.  There are separate categories for international visitors seeking contacts here and New Zealand companies wanting to make new overseas connections.  There is no cost to join and it only takes a few minutes.

Also look at the Rutherford Innovation Showcase. There are a number of events from 8 September to 13 October 2011.

Electronics Auckland will be taking part in the South Pacific Entrepreneur Networking Event on 27 September 2011.

Many of the trade offices are organising events in New Zealand in September and October.

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) along with the British High Commission will be hosting an event for UK business people and New Zealand companies on Thursday September 29th at The Cloud on Queens, Auckland. Please contact Hamish Jenkin for further details: hamish.jenkin@fco.gov.uk.  See UTKI September 29 2011 Business Networking Event – Rugby World Cup 2011 for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in Auckland in September and October 2011.

New Zealand’s best kept secret will launch during the Rugby World Cup to an unsuspecting audience.

Whilst the nation was transfixed with the earthquakes rattling Christchurch, technology innovator Kevin Andreassend was creating a rumble a world away throughout the international DJ community.

The magical interactive DJ virtual reality screen known as The HoloDesk, has captivated the imagination of 100′s of DJs worldwide including some of the biggest names in the industry.

The HoloDesk is 1 of 28 New Zealand companies and technologies exclusively invited to be featured during the Rugby World Cup 2011 at the multi million dollar Fan Zone called The Cloud on Auckland’s Queens Wharf. The HoloDesk will be on display and used throughout the 6 week international event.

In addition it will be featured in the NZ innovation music video currently in production that will be played on the twin 20m x 4m LED screens within the complex. In addition it has been selected as one of the display surfaces in use at the Telecom Hub operating during the Rugby World Cup event in Auckland New Zealand.

The Cloud will play host to the Holodesk

Party Fan Zone will feature right throughout the Rugby World Cup

Founder of HoloDesk, Kevin Andreassend, described that HoloDesk is at the start of a revolution that is aimed at dance floors and parties and clubs around the globe and delivers a visual arsenal for DJs worldwide.

HoloDesk made its UK debut with Deadmau5 at his Earls Court sellout concert amidst the 2010 winter blizzard that closed Europe down.

The HoloDesk will make its official NZ debut during the Rugby World Cup 2011

The magical DJ virtual reality screen known as The HoloDesk has captivated the imagination of 100’s of DJs worldwide including some of the biggest names in the industry.

The HoloDesk is 1 of 28 New Zealand companies and technologies exclusively invited to be featured during the Rugby World Cup 2011 at the multi million dollar Fan Zone called The Cloud on Auckland’s Queens Wharf. The HoloDesk will be on display and used throughout the 6 week international event.

In addition it will be featured in the NZ innovation music video currently in production that will be played on the twin 20m x 4m LED screens within the complex. In addition it has been selected as one of the display surfaces in use at the Telecom Hub operating during the Rugby World Cup event in Auckland New Zealand.

HoloDesk made its UK debut with Deadmau5 at his Earls Court sellout concert amidst the 2010 winter blizzard that closed Europe down.

The developers of The HoloDesk is ICE AV Technology Ltd, a member of the AucklandICT technology industry sector.

Global Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Ken Morse brings a powerful new workshop to New Zealand – Global sales strategies for entrepreneurs.

Ken teaches sales techniques that will become the foundation of your company’s profitability. Learn the secrets of forming strategic customer relationships that deliver outstanding sales!

Global Sales Strategies

Global sales strategies for entrepreneurs – a 2-day workshop for CEOs and top salespeople, to be held in Auckland (2 & 3 May) and Christchurch (5 & 6 May).

Ken’s guarantee to CEOs and sales executives who attend this workshop:

  • your sales will increase
  • your sales cycle will become shorter
  • your sales pipeline will become more dependable
  • your repeat business will increase and grow

Ken Morse is a leader in the field of innovation and global sales. Ken founded 5 highly successful high-tech companies and was managing director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center Massachusetts. He is a Board member of venture capital and technology firms in several countries and is a member of President Obama’s Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Global sales strategies for entrepreneurs course outline

In this workshop participants learn how to get a laser focus on customer value, how to prepare a compelling elevator pitch that hits the key points in seconds, and how to close the deal. Learn how to align everyone in your company to create a totally sales-focused culture, and form customer relationships that bring competitive advantage.
Key learnings –

  • Business plans that raise money
  • Quantifying the customer’s needs
  • Communicating a value proposition to meet those needs
  • Closing the deal
  • Creating a sales-focused culture

“This workshop is outstanding – participants came away with a deep understanding of how to communicate value in the selling situation and successfully close the deal” – Sir Ken Stevens, Chairman & MD  Glidepath.

This is an outstanding course which challenges your assumptions and gives you some practical tools that you can apply right away.” Simon Fawkes, Business to Markets Ltd.

Get more information or register at www.entrepreneurshipnewzealand.com. The deadline is 27 April 2011.

New Zealand: A world of hi tech innovation and leadership.

New Zealand is one of those unique countries in the world, that inspite of its remoteness from the rest of the world, has become a flourishing economy of innovation, leadership and entreprenurialship. There is probably no sector that its nationwide industries are not engaged in. Be it vodak manufacturing, freight systems, merino wool, electronics, robotics, GPS chips, health care devices, fruit handling machinery, mobile radio systems, 3d imaging, yacht construction, forestry, diary, sports, interactive software and hardware, vintage air craft, movie production, SMS systems and the list continues and all this from a population of 4 million.

The NZ culture, lifestyle, mannerism and thinking over the years has been a breeding ground that has inspired many to achieve their dreams.  One organisation that is working hard to increase this success and innovation has been the industry organisation known as NZICT. Recently, NZICT released a Youtube video that reflects on from where the high tech industry has come from and heading towards. With the largest sporting event to happen in the nations history, the 2011 Rugby World Cup has become the event that is pulling many of these NZ companies and industry sectors together to provide a show case but also a platform of co-operation and growth across industries sectors following on from the Rugby World Cup.

One documentary that features a number of these innovative companies and personalities is called Beyond the Farm and the Theme Park and show cases the excellence and innovation developed down under for the world market. At the same time it endeavours to delve into the mindset that has allowed the innovation to reach this stage, but more importantly what is required to take the NZ economy into the next phase of growth based around hi tech innovation.

Wellington University’s Professor Paul Callaghan outlines his vision for New Zealand’s future prosperity in this lecture at Auckland War Memorial Museum as part of The Royal Society of New Zealand 2007 Distinguished Speaker series. Our landscape is magnificent and helps define who we are. But Sir Paul argues we have the potential to be a great deal more besides, and that we must be if we are to build the society we want our children to thrive in. He puts forward the best way we can enhance our prosperity is through sensible investment in science and technology, coupled with culture change.

Beyond the Farm Gate

Beyond the Farm Gate and the Theme Park documentary on NZ's hi tech sector features an address and numerous interviews. 1hr 28min long

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, AucklandICT

New Zealand Hi-Tech Economy Survey

Auckland ICT and Electronics Auckland invite you to partner with International Institute for Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incorporated (IISEIE) and Microsoft on the important initiative that will provide you with valuable benchmarking and insight into your strategic position in the marketplace.

This is a unique opportunity for your organization to better understand your innovation readiness and identify specific, actionable steps to increase your organization’s innovation capabilities.

You are invited to take a part in the New Zealand Hi-Tech Economy Survey, the results of which will be available for your use in a form of comparative benchmarking tool which will help you to:

  • Better understand your organizational capacity for innovation.
  • Identify your innovation strengths that can be leveraged for your competitive advantage.
  • Spot critical barriers and risks that may limit or block innovation in your organization.
  • Understand your relationship with the market place and gain insights on how your innovation capability compares to your competitors.
  • Identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

The Survey page can be accessed through the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Hi-Tech-Economy-Survey

By following this link, you will get to the online survey page that provides information about the survey and instructions for its completion.

This survey is part of the High Tech Economy Study in New Zealand. The initiative is executed by The International Institute for Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incorporated (IISEIE).

All information will be kept confidential and results will be reported only in aggregate. Neither Microsoft nor other survey participants will be able to access or view your responses to these questions.

Thank you in advance for completing the survey. Do forward post this to hi-tech companies in your network and encourage them to take part too.

RWC 2011 brings together NZ’s hi tech industries to engage with the 1,000’s of visitors NZ will host.

Businesses and Government agencies in New Zealand are quietly behind the scenes preparing for the largest sporting event to be held in this hi-tech and and beautiful country in our life time. The Rugby World Cup 2011 is coming to the home of the world famous All Blacks and this is bringing 1,000’s of the fans, business leaders from around the world in September 2011. Some are billing it as NZ’s biggest party. So come on down we have alot to show and share!

Members of the Auckland ICT community and in particular members of this web site are keen to engage with visitors to NZ during this time to build relationships and show the remarkable scope, skill and capability that can be delivered. We welcome a casual hello, formal meetings, introductions or whatever level of engagement you are welcome with.

The following video from the agriculture industry and specifically the merino wool sector encapsulates what NZ industry is keen to show case in their respective fields.

Members of the AucklandICT Industry group and the Electronics Auckland members will be actively engaging thru the NZ2011 channel. Both visitors to New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup and local companies are strongly recommended to enroll (NO CHARGE) to begin the free and faciliated matching process. New Zealand has a dynamic hi tech industry that is leading edge. http://www.nz2011.govt.nz/business/real-nz-showcase/ict

So NOW is the time to enrol before the whisle blows on the largest sporting event ever to come to New Zealand.

Rugby World Cup 2011 presents an unpresidented opportunity for New Zealand to showcase it’s innovation and creativity in the ICT sector. But what can local businesses do to participate?

The NZ2011 Business Club  www.nz2011.govt.nz/business creates opportunities for businesses to host visitors in similar industries or with common interests and show them the real New Zealand. By hosting international business people, New Zealand businesses that take part in the programme will make valuable business connections. The programme will suit business looking to expand through capital investment, exports or innovation.
Membership is free and open to all www.nz2011.govt.nz/business/join-the-club/